Salima BAKOUCHI has developed extensive experience in negotiating, drafting contracts, counseling and assistance in sales and acquisitions operations, joint ventures, financing, real estate and intellectual property.

She has developed significant experience in arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions, as well as in the implementation and monitoring of court proceedings and pleadings in civil, commercial and criminal courts.

She has also conducted many seminars both in Morocco and abroad and participated in institutional missions on the reform of business law in collaboration with international firms.

Admitted to the Casablanca Bar Association in 1995.

Approved by the Cour of Cassation in 2008.

Education : Certificate of higher studies in business law, certificate of higher studies in insurance law, Bachelor in private law - University Hassan 2nd - Casablanca.

Fields of abilities : labor law, commercial law, administrative law, intellectual property law, anti-trust law, alternative dispute resolutions, arbitration.

Languages : English, Arabic & French.

Kamal Habachi has participated in missions of privatization, restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, due diligence and IPO and has led several restructuring projects, transfer of undertakings and industrial units as well as the launch of real estate and tourism projects, etc.

He also participated in the establishment of several national and international projects and contracts, including the establishment of a logistics platform and a central purchasing, Franchising Agreements and other distribution agreements at the national level.

Admitted to the Casablanca Bar Association in 2010 after more than 10 years as legal counsel.

Education : PhD in business law - Perpignan University, Diploma of higher education deepened in business law, Bachelor in private law (corporate law) - University of Hassan 2nd - Casablanca.

Fields of abilities : M&A, corporate law, securities law, contract law, administrative law.

Languages : English, Arabic, French & Spanish.

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